Blueprint Magazine

London, March 2012

Seen here for the first time in print is Venice, a new work by artist Matthew Picton. It is made from the pages of the 1911 novel Death in Venice by Thomas Mann and the musical score for its operatic interpretation by composer Benjamin Brittan.

The edges of the paper have also been dipped in the water and mud of the Venice lagoon, to evoke the memory of the city’s devastating cholera epidemic in the early 20th Century and to highlight the fact that the city is slowly being reclaimed by the sea, says the artist.

Picton was born in England and now lives and works in Oregon. A graduate History and Economics from the L.S.E, he explores the historic and fictional narratives associated with specific cities through his work, building up cartographic representations from distinct periods in history using texts and materials evocative of the events that define that age.
Venice and two new responses to Dublin and London, along with other work are on show at Sumarria Lunn gallery in London.